Warehouse and Asset Management

RFID, Dashboards, Tablets, Analytics, Blockchain, Internet of Things,

And Peace of Mind Included

Trilliott is a warehouse and asset management service for businesses to improve control of their high-value assets and inventory, secure and analyze transactions, and manage asset lifecycle. We deliver a verticalized easy-to-use cloud service that allows both the team in the field and the team in the office to identify, deploy, maintain, and recover assets and inventory.

Warehouse Management

Expedite receiving, put-away, picking, and transfer. Conduct physical counts and audits by just walking around. Use RFID to find missing things up to sixty feet away.

Inventory Management

Track inventory from storage to job sites and assembly areas. Know the identity, quantity, and location of inventory with unprecedented accuracy. Analyze inventory flow.

Asset Control

Track the lifecycle of high-value assets from purchase to obsolescence. Kit together bills of material and validate completeness. Engage with the current status of assets at work.

Supply Chain

Get control of your inventory costs when you know the hourly status of your supply chain. Automatically snapshot inventory as it transits your suppliers at each link of the chain.  

Trilliott is a warehouse and asset management service that controls large numbers of high-value assets and inventory.

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