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  IoT Agile  What does it really mean?

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The technology behind RAIN RFID has been around for over twenty years. RAIN usage is growing rapidly: in 2018 about 8.5 billion RAIN tags were consumed. Most of these tags were affixed to retail apparel. While RAIN technology is prevalent in retail and other industry segments, it has been rife with complexity -- making it challenging for big companies, and inhibiting uptake by most businesses.

RAIN RFID is popular, but it is complex



Today's IoT technology makes it feasible for business professionals to execute entire business processes on mobile devices. Why stop with customer relationship management, or order entry? The advent of mobile-first solutions also has revolutionized RAIN. Powerful cloud-connected smartphones coupled with advanced RAIN scanner performance and handset ergonomics can now perform all aspects of RAIN asset tracking from your mobile device.

Track assets from your mobile device


The IoT Agile Strategy

Trilliott leads the industry in applying IoT agile technology to inventory and asset tracking. With Trilliott businesses have the usability, speed, and accuracy of far more expensive systems. This means new business processes are implemented fast, at the lowest burden of hardware and installation cost, and automated at the points where automation is most needed. This also means all businesses can now afford to track huge numbers of their everyday things. A trillion things.

Leading the pack in asset tracking


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