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Select the right tag style for your application

The most common style for RAIN tags is the sticker label, but because tags are designed for specific applications there are many styles available. For example, a tag designed for wood and plastic surfaces is tuned to match the effect of these surfaces on radio waves. On metal surfaces the same tag will read poorly if at all. Read distance also determines tag style. A tag intended for long distance has a larger antenna and a bigger footprint than a short distance tag.


Tag styles other than the sticker label include plastic enclosures for rugged environments, adaptions for mounting on metal surfaces, and flexible enclosures for curved surfaces. Tags may be embedded, for example in ID cards, or even into the thing itself at its manufacture.


With the multitude of tag styles, it is important for you to select one or more compatible styles for your application. Since placing tags on incompatible surfaces impedes results, Trilliott Things Starter Kit provides you with samples for you to try. Here are Trilliott’s standard tag styles, with many other tag styles available upon inquiry.